Our Dream

At Hope by Twelve, we think the number 12 can reshape the world. When a girl living in poverty reaches age 12, her life is already in the hands of others. She no longer gets to be a girl—she is considered a woman. To break the cycle of poverty, we have to provide her the opportunity to be educated, healthy and, most important of all, empowered. And to do this, we know we have to reach her before her 12th birthday.

By the time a girl living in the United States or another developed nation turns 12 years old, she already has the power to give a girl living in conditions of poverty a healthy future. When girls help other girls and invest in their global community, a ripple effect happens that travels throughout the community they touch and from one generation to the next.

We exist to help girls realize their full potential—both to change the world and be changed. We exist to give every girl Hope by Twelve.

Why A Girl?

The Girl Effect by Hope By Twelve on Vimeo.
A simple explanation of how and why girls can change the world by the age of twelve.