Our Partners

Selamta Family Project

Selamta is a word that means “Be at Peace.” The Selamta Family Project creates life-long families in AIDS-ravaged communities.

AHOPE Child Development Center (CDC)

AHOPE’s goal is to keep orphaned children with their families. AHOPE’s CDC does just that by providing these children with education, medical care, food, clothing and training on how to stay healthy.

WEEMA International

WEEMA International is a NGO working in Southwestern Ethiopia. Its goal is to work with local communities to create conditions in which people can thrive and dream about a brighter future.

Roots Ethiopia

Roots Ethiopia works in the Kembata Tembaro region and through their partnership with Meserete Kristos Church’s Hosanna Regional Office they strive to support proactive sustainable projects, as well as emergency responses to diasters, and they must be based on local wisdom and experience.