Where We Work

Urban Ethiopia

Hope by Twelve works in both the rural and urban regions of Ethiopia. Ethiopia is located in what is called the Horn of Africa and has a population of approximately 82 million people. The capital city of Addis Ababa is home to 1 million orphaned children. Many of these children suffer from incurable diseases and have no one to turn to, and we hope to change that. In Addis we work with several organizations that strive to provide long-term solutions for children living on the streets.

Rural Ethiopia

While the urban area is densely populated, 85 percent of Ethiopia’s population lives in the rural region. Hope by Twelve works primarily in a region southwest of Addis Ababa called Kembata Tembaro. We focus here for a number of reasons.  Kembata Tembaro is home to over a million people and is one of the most densely populated regions in rural Ethiopia.  Their economy is based on farming and agriculture however, farmland has become over worked and during recent years rain has been inconsistent and scarce, making it difficult for farmers to grow their crops.  Kembata Tembaro’s population relies on these crops to sustain their economy and as their communities continue to grow they are forced to turn to other income options.  Most families here live on less than 50 cents a day and parents are unable to send all of their children to school or provide necessary food or healthcare.  The programs we support strive to provide residents of Kembata Tembaro the tools and skills they need for success and self sufficiency.