You and your friends keep talking about how you want to DO something to help girls like you—girls in Ethiopia who’ve got big dreams (just like you) but who lack the resources to realize them. You talk and you talk and you talk about ways you can help but one day you just say, “Enough talk! Let’s do something already.”

We need people just like you to start a GirlPod. And we’ll let you in on a little secret… It’s not just for girls.  Anyone can start a Pod, all you need is a passion for making a difference in the world by directly helping girls. Remember, you get to name your own Pod-so be creative (RadDad Pod, Happy Granny Pod, BooyaBoy Pod, Flower Power Pod, etc.) It can be whatever you want, have fun!

So, what now? Learn how GirlPods really work.

Call to Action by Hope By Twelve on Vimeo.
A call to action from a 7 year old GirlPod member