How GirlPods Work

You and your friends keep talking about how you want to DO something to help girls like you—girls in Ethiopia who’ve got big dreams (just like you) but who lack the resources to realize them. You talk and you talk and you talk about ways you can help but one day you just say, “Enough talk! Let’s do something already.”

So you reach out to Hope By Twelve and tell us you’re ready to start a GirlPod. A GirlPod can be made up of anyone… you and your sisters, your BFFs, your cousins, your Girl Scout troop, your classmates… basically, any group of girls (and even boys). They only prereq is that you’ve got to care about making a difference!

Once we get your information, we’ll schedule a get-together for your group with a Hope By Twelve team member. We’ll tell you all about what a GirlPod really does and about the projects for which we’re currently fundraising. We’ll also give you some fundraising ideas to help get your wheels turning.

You and the rest of the members of your GirlPod will put your heads together and determine which project you’ll support and how you’ll do it. We’re here to offer guidance and feedback as you launch your GirlPod and get to work doing the hard stuff (raising money)!

Check out GirlPods that Rock to get inspired by the fundraising initiatives other GirlPods have undertaken. We are wowed every single day by what girls just like you are doing to change to lives of other girls they don’t even know. Together, we’re giving all girls Hope By Twelve.

Girls are the Same Everywhere by Hope By Twelve on Vimeo.
Adults help too! Any age, gender or number of people can start a Pod!