Current Projects

Our list of current projects is growing. Right now Hope By Twelve GirlPods are supporting the following projects in Ethiopia:

Girls Helping Girls

school sponsorship


Girl’s Education
School Sponsorship

When your GirlPod supports this project, your fundraising dollars are used to sponsor a girl to go to school in the Kembata-Tembaro region, helping to insure girls get an education. Learn more.

Girl’s Health
Sponsor A Girl At Ahope’s CDC

By choosing to sponsor a girl at Ahope’s CDC your GirlPod can provide an HIV positive girl access to the tools and support she needs to succeed. Learn more.

Empower A Girl
Sponsor a Girl at Selamta Family Project

Should your GirlPod choose to support this project, your fundraising dollars will be used to care for a girl living in Ethiopia at Selamta Family Project. Learn more.

Women Helping Women



Women’s Health
Solar Suitcase Project

With this project your Pod’s fundraising dollars are used to purchase portable solar suitcases that provide highly efficient medical lighting and power to healthcare facilities in remote parts of Ethiopia. Learn more.

Educate a Woman For Women
Midwife Sponsorship

Your Pod can use fundraising dollars to send Hannah to the Hamlin College for Midwifery. When she graduates, she’ll return to her community to establish her practice, ensuring the safe delivery of countless newborns. Learn more.