Past Projects

At Hope by Twelve, we feel lucky to have been able to help our GirlPods support these amazing projects in Ethiopia. Since we’re no longer actively fundraising to support these projects, we encourage you to check out our current projects for the inspiration to kickstart your GirlPod’s next fundraising campaign!




Life Improvement
Koshinda Spring Water Project

Hope by Twelve GirlPods helped raise money to bring a gravity flow water system to eight public water taps in the town of Mudula, Ethiopia and the surrounding rural village of Bohe. Learn more.

Women’s Empowerment
Self-Help Groups

Two of Hope by Twelve’s all-women GirlPods raised enough funds to empower impoverished women by helping them form a self-help group. The women come together to share their struggles, receive financial training and learn from each other. Hope by Twelve hopes to start more of these groups in the future. Learn more.

Girl’s Education
School Sponsorship-Mekdes

The Gal Pal Pod raised enough money to send Mekdes to school in rural Ethiopian town called Hadero. Learn more.




Girl’s Empowerment
Selamta Sponsorship-Meheret

The Hope Crew has held several fundraisers to sponsor Meheret and keep her sponsored at Selamta Family Project. Emma from the GirlPod had the oppurtunity to meet Meheret-since then Emma has gone on to represent the Hope Crew with fundraisers all on her own! Learn more.

Girl’s Health
CDC Sponsorship-Rahel

The Poulsbo Pod worked hard to raise enough money to sponsor Rahel, a girl living with HIV, for a year at AHOPE’s Child Development Center. Giving her the care she needs to manage her health, education, as well as a safe place to spend her time. Learn more.